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Home Projects Done Right!  

 Hello, my name is Mike Silva, and you should be pleased to know that I love to work on all projects around the house, so I started my own business working on projects at other peoples house's.   Yes, you can hire me to do your home projects while you do what you love to do.  I love to tackle overgrown backyards and remove junk from crowded houses and garages to create clean spaces for you and your family.  Building a straight solid custom fence or deck really makes me smile.  Also, makes me smile when customers smile-- so I hope to work on your next home project and see the smile on your face when your next project is complete.  If you need a project done at the house, then its best to get a helping hand from Octopus Home Projects. 
We also take all major credit cards and are eager to provide a free estimate, so call now and schedule a free estimate.
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Payment conveniently accepted at your house with the Square Mobile Device.

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